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Jessica Legan

Jessica Legan


Jessica Legan

Jessica Legan is an Indiana licensed Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience preparing expat tax returns. She believes that every client’s situation is unique! Clients work directly with Jessica from start to finish, from the initial contact to the final return. Detailed communication, affordable pricing and relevant, first-hand experience!


Simplified US Expat Federal Tax Return: $300

This service is designed for US citizens living abroad earning less than $100,000 USD worldwide annually.

Prior Year Federal Return Discount: $100

If you are behind on your taxes, we can help you get caught up! If you are filing a current year return with us, but also need to file a prior year return (or more!) to get compliant, the prior year returns are discounted by $100!

Standard US Expat Federal Tax Return: $425

The most popular package, this service is for any US citizen living abroad that does not qualify for the Simplified Return.

FinCen 114 (Aka “FBAR”): $75

This form is required for US taxpayers that had over $10,000 in combined non-US bank accounts at any one point during the year. This fee includes reporting of up to 5 accounts. Each additional reported account is $10.

ITIN Services

Jessica Legan is a Certifying Acceptance Agent, giving her the ability to verify your supporting documents for ITIN application purposes, and saving you from being without these important documents for months on end! She can assist in preparation of the application, certification of your documents, and submission to the IRS, for both new and renewal applications. Anyone with experience with this process knows that it must be precise, so hiring a professional for this process is always recommended!


over 15 years of tax experience