Simplified US Expat Federal Tax Return: $300

This service is for US citizens living abroad earning less than $100,00USD worldwide annually. This package includes either Form 2555 or Form 1116, up to ten investment transactions (interest, dividends, capital gains), up to two 1099-Rs or 1099-SSA, and any estimated tax payment vouchers.

Standard US Expat Federal Tax Return: $425

The most popular package, this service is for any US citizen living abroad that does not qualify for the Simplified Return. It includes both Form 2555 and Form 1116, as well as all standard schedules (Schedules A, B, C, D, and E (one rental property), up to three Schedule K-1s, and up to 20 bank and brokerage transactions). If your return requires more than this, we can certainly still assist but additional fees may apply.

State Tax Return: $120

Elite Expat Tax can help you determine whether you have a state filing requirement and keep you compliant!

Prior Year Federal Return Discount: $100

If you are behind on your taxes, we can help you get caught up! If you are filing a current year return with us, but also need to file a prior year return (or more!) to get compliant, the prior year returns are offered at a reduced rate.

FinCen 114 (aka “FBAR”): $75

This form is required for US taxpayers that had over $10,000 in combined non-US bank accounts at any one point during the year. This fee includes reporting of up to 5 accounts. Each additional reported account is $10.

Form 8938 (FATCA): $100

This form is required for US taxpayers living abroad whose foreign financial assets exceed specific thresholds, depending upon your filing status. This fee includes reporting of up to 5 accounts.  Each additional reported account is $10.

ITIN Application: $300

Jessica Legan is an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent and can assist in the preparation of the ITIN Application, certification of your identity documents and submission of the application to the IRS.  The IRS requires that individuals have a legitimate tax reason prior to issuing an ITIN.

Streamlined Compliance Filing: $1,000

This program allows US taxpayers who are behind on their filings to become compliant by filing three years of past due returns and six years of past due FBARs.  The $1,000 fee includes the three years of tax returns plus assistance with the completion of the Form 14653 certification.  If FBARs are required, the addition fee to prepare the six years of FBARs is $400, for a total fee of $1,400.

Non-Expat US Federal Return: $300

Once you’re comfortable working with someone, it’s reassuring to continue working with the same professional, even if your taxes become more simplified. This service includes all standard schedules (Schedules A, B, C, D, and E (one rental property), up to three Schedule K-1s, and up to 20 bank and brokerage transactions), plus one state tax return.  Discount of $75 if a state tax return is not required.

Federal Expat Tax Return Review: $125

If you’ve prepared your own expat return and just want a professional set of eyes to review it, this service is for you! This includes a one-time review of your entire return, with notations and suggestions for any corrections needed.


Example #1

Bill lives in Germany, earning $90,000USD per year and married to a non-US citizen. He files separately. He has over $20,000 in three different German bank accounts. He needs to file the current year taxes only.

Bill’s Elite Expat Tax preparation fee will be $375, which includes one simplified Federal return and one FBAR.

Example #2

Ryan lives in the United Kingdom, working as an employee and earning around $200,000USD per year. He files jointly with his UK citizen spouse. He has over $50,000 in four different UK accounts. Ryan needs to file three years’ worth of returns.

Ryan’s Elite Expat Tax preparation fee for all three years will be $1,300, which includes three years of standard Federal returns, three FBARs and a discount for two prior year returns.

Example #3

Caroline lives in Australia and wholly owns her own limited company. She is single and has over $300,000 in foreign financial assets. She only needs to file for the current year.

Caroline’s return is outside the scope of our standard Federal return, but we can still prepare it! She would want to contact us directly discuss her filing requirements and strategies.